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The 7 things that most executives get wrong about digital transformation


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Who amongst us is not part of or affected by Digital Transformation? Company leaders globally feel the urgency to transform their organizations in the face of digital disruption. How important is digital transformation to your business? Are your competitors deploying digital technology or digital strategies that are disrupting your market position? In the recent years, majority of organizations have undertaken digital transformation efforts, yet success in these transformations is proving to be elusive.

While the imperative to transform is clear how to transform is another matter; let alone the many faux pas which could make or break such a transformation.

We invite you to join us and IMD Professor Michael Wade on understanding what common mistakes are and unravelling effective, sustainable digital transformation secrets. His recent book Orchestrating Transformation: How to deliver winning performance with a connected approach to change, along with the team at the Global Center for Digital Business Transformation – sets out a new prescription for getting transformation right. Transformation practitioners need a different mindset and a new approach to executing change that can handle the complexity and scale of today’s market leaders. Orchestration — ”mobilizing and enabling so as to achieve a desired effect” — paves the way for a new, more holistic view of organizational resources and how they work together to drive change synergistically.

The session will be followed by Networking drinks. You will also get a personal copy of Mike’s book.

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Topic: The 7 things that most executives get wrong about digital transformation

Speaker: Professor Michael Wade

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Date: 05/11/2019
Time: 06:00 pm to 10:00 pm
Location: IMD SE Asia Pte Ltd
Address: South Beach Tower, 38 Beach Road, #17-11, Singapore 189767