The recent years, and especially 2020, have shown us that unpredictability and complexity, driven by an increased global interconnectivity and the high paced technological revolution, are becoming the new norm.

Inspired by the growing awareness around living system-based logics, Innovationscircle, will embark upon a “System-based logic” series together with Palo-IT, consisting of 3 sessions:

  • Session 1: System awareness & self-transformation                                                 June 30th
  • Session 2: Integrating system-based practices in organizations                                Date TBD
  • Session 3: Enabling Transformational innovation trough system-based logic          Date TBD

In the first session, on June 30th, Wesley Boers together with Cédric Mainguy, will share insights on how to bring your personal perspective to a new level. After sharing insights on system-based logic, Cédric & Wesley will guide the participants through self-reflecting exercises. This with the intent to end the session with a clear action plan towards systemic leadership awareness.

Following session 1, session 2 & 3 will go deeper on how to approach this system-based logic in an organizational context in order to thrive and boost transformational innovation.

Who should join:
✅ Leaders that want add an extra dimension to their leadership
✅ Organizational leaders that want to increase resilience towards challenges, issues and crisis
✅ Everybody that wants to deepen their systemic awareness.

Looking forward to seeing you in session 1!!

Please register via this LINK.