Coronavirus (COVID-19) Advisory – SwissCham

Dear Valued Members & Partners,

First of all, we hope you and your beloved ones are all doing well despite these challenging days. This letter reaches you in a difficult time, with most companies and businesses affected by the measures implemented to control the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak. We all hope that we can considerably slow down the spread of the virus and get back soon into a normal working routine. In order to keep at the latest stand, we closely monitor the latest advice of the Ministry of Health, Enterprise Singapore and the Embassy of Switzerland.

Many of our members are concerned and unsure which measures should be taken in their daily lives and business operations in Singapore. Our SwissCham Coronavirus Advisory provides you with details about the virus itself and relevant information on Workplace Measures, Business Continuity Plans, MOM’s recommendations, etc. We kindly invite you to read our full guideline HERE.

Given the latest decisions taken by the Singapore government, physical events are converted into virtual meetings or postponed. We will continue serving the community with creative solutions, including webinars and will keep you informed as usual through our channels: SwissCham website, emails and social media. We hope for your understanding and support in the following recommendations from the Ministry of Health and Enterprise Singapore to mitigate the transmission of the 2019 Coronavirus.

Finally, we invite you to use SwissCham platform for advertising your news, events, and offers towards the SwissCham Singapore community. Please send an email to for more information or assistance.

If you have any other questions and inquiries, please contact us directly.


SwissCham Singapore


Latest information:

MTI – Singapore’s Efforts in Combating Covid-19


Useful Resources from SwissCham, Partners and Members:

20200521 – Covid-19 Advisory – SwissCham as of 20 May 2020

Luther_COVID-19 Guidance for Businesses (31.03.2020)

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Upcoming Changes to Singapore’s Employment Law

Singapore News

Upcoming Changes to Singapore’s Employment Law – What Employers Need to Know About It!


Provided by Luther LLP

Tel: +65 6408-8000

Increased employee protection and tightened immigration rules

 As announced by Manpower Minister Lim Swee Say in

Parliament on 5 March 2018, various changes in Singapore’s

employment landscape are on the way. Expected to come into effect by 1 April the amended provisions  of the Employment Act will improve the protection of employees.  In addition, the requirements imposed on foreign talents in respect of work permits will be further tightened in order to promote the growth of Singapore’s local workforce.


Relevance of the European General Data Protection Regulation for Singapore companies

The European General Data Protection Regulation: Why Singapore companies may have to comply with more than just the Singapore laws on data protection and what are the main requirements under the EU regulation.

WIPO Services for Swiss SMEs

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WIPO Alternative Dispute Resolution Mechanisms for IP and Technology Disputes

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Data Protection obligations in Singapore

In the last weeks, all companies in Singapore received  a letter from the Personal Data Protection Commission in Singapore with a request to register their Data Protection Officer, if not yet done so. Many companies have not realised, that no matter how small they are or whether they deal with customer data, they are obliged to comply with the data protection laws in Singapore and must appoint a Data Protection Officer. Our Newsletter provides a summary of the legal obligations and steps to be taken.

Singapore Budget Talk 2017 – Presentation

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2017 | Employment Law Update