Certified Associate in Change Management

09-02-2022 9:00 AM - 09-03-2022 5:30 PM

Invest in Your Future Skills - Become a Certified Change Leader

In today's business world, we need to capture new markets and innovate our value proposition to our customers. How successful are your transformation initiatives? Do you feel that adoption takes too much time? What is your structured approach to change?

Participate in this 2-day certification workshop to become a certified associate in change management.

This hybrid certification program will give you the following benefits:

  • Learn the background and different methodologies for Change Management to facilitate change and learn to deal with it.
  • Get to know the awarded CPC Change Management methodology to implement change and reach your planned impact.
  • Understand the need of different elements such as impact, leadership, engagement & enabling as well as institutionalization to convince stakeholders.
  • Take away the comprehensive toolset and templates to facilitate changing yourself.
  • An application case supports your learning in all stages and ensures practical use of all methods.

The Basic & Advanced Level are delivered as an asynchronous online learning program and provide an overview of the concepts.

The Professional Level is delivered in 2-day classroom workshops and enables participants to apply these concepts.

Check out our registration site for more information: https://www.hive17.com/certification.html


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