Building Your Resilience into a Superpower: A masterclass by Jean-François Manzoni

04-24-2024 6:00 PM - 04-24-2024 8:30 PM

Building Your Resilience into a Superpower

A masterclass by Professor Jean-François Manzoni

Join us for an extraordinary masterclass on how leaders can make resilience your superpower, featuring the President of IMD and Nestlé Chaired Professor of Leadership and Organizational Development, Jean-François Manzoni, as your guide.

This session will focus on deepening your understanding and expanding your vocabulary around one of the major qualities leaders must have in today’s day and age: resilience.

At its core, resilience refers to a leader’s ability to rebound from setbacks. When we think of setbacks, we tend to think of significant personal and/or professional setbacks, where resilience is indeed necessary. Yet, the concept of “everyday resilience” is also critical. This refers to a leader’s ability to digest everyday setbacks quickly and thus maintain peak performance consistently.

In two hours, we will examine the barriers to resilience and explore a few practices to help you develop your resilience.

By the end of the session, you will:

1. Develop

Develop an understanding of how resilience impacts your current leadership style.

2. Understand

Understand why resilience can be your ultimate superpower.

3. Practice

Learn 2 or 3 exercises that you can practice to develop your resilience in the coming months

Key information

  • Time: Registration at 6pm, starting at 6:30pm, ending at 8:30pm. Drinks and canapes follow.
  • Location: Auditorium in Catapult @ Rochester Commons (2nd Floor)
  • For any enquiries: contact Simon Craft  Executive Director, Client Engagement | Kodi Thirumalai  Country Director, Malaysia and Singapore or refer to IMD webpage
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