International Relations APAC


    In the context of the pandemic and the wider use of new communication technologies the Swiss Chambers of Commerce in APAC intensified exchanges and collaboration on several initiatives. The most tangible and immediate results were generated in the form of co-hosted and co-attended regional events.

    Beyond these intra-regional activities, and taking into account Singapore’s role as a regional hub, this Sub-Committee intends to provide a platform for the aggregation of chambers’ interests and positions. This will give the Swiss business community in APAC, via its memberships in various chambers and their prospective seat in this Sub-Committee, a voice to be heard.

    SwissCham Singapore, via its Sub-Committee International Relations, intends to achieve its objectives in coordination with other stakeholders including the Swiss Government, its representations in Singapore and the region as well as other sub-committees of our Chamber.



    Adding value to members of chambers in APAC and as a concrete step towards strengthening transparency and participation as outlined in Switzerland’s Foreign Economic Policy:

    • Foster networking and collaboration within APAC (e.g. via virtual or hybrid events).
    • Promote the exchange on substantive issues identified as relevant by chambers represented in the Sub-Committee (e.g. sustainability or chamber-management).
    • Facilitate information to and from Swiss authorities (e.g. on policy and trade matters) and assist in the achievement of their objectives, where possible.
    • Consolidate and represent the interests of chambers in APAC vis-á-vis Swiss authorities and institutions that are relevant in the field of economic and trade policy.



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