EuroCham Sustainability Awards

The EU Commission’s European Green Deal and Singapore’s Sustainability Concept Plan show the importance of Sustainability for both the EU Commission and the Singapore Government. The European Chamber of Commerce (Singapore) has similarly embraced the topic of Sustainability as the main focus of its activities in 2022. Through a series of Sustainability Sharing Sessions, EuroCham has highlighted and celebrated the sustainability initiatives of companies across different industries.

The 4 key evaluation criteria are:

  • The Plan: Sustainability, Strategy and Culture
  • The Enablers: Technology and Innovation, Ecosystem Partnerships
  • The Outcomes: Social, environmental & Economic Impact
  • The Differentiators: Singapore and ASEAN focus



The categories are:

  • Sustainable Business Innovation
  • The Road to Net Zero
  • Responsible Supply Chain & Circular Economy
  • Digital for Sustainability
  • Sustainable Travel & Transportation 

If your company's efforts are impactful from a social and environmental perspective, nominate them for the EuroCham Sustainability Awards 2022 at Sustainability Awards Submission 2022!