[EuroCham] Sustainable Workforce: How European Companies and Institutions Contribute to Singapore’s Sustainable Workforce



In the wake, of the coronavirus pandemic, there has been an increased focus on the wellbeing of the workforce and the conversation has turned towards a sustainable workforce. In 2021, the European Chamber of Commerce in Singapore decided to embrace this topic in the hopes of obtaining a better understanding of what is needed for the industry and government in order to make the workforce sustainable.

In the Sustainable Workforce Whitebook the aim was to understand how European companies and institutions can contribute to Singapore’s sustainable workforce as well as how we can build a sustainable workforce in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic. Singapore has previously announced its 2030 green plan and here it is important as well to take into consideration the need to build a sustainable workforce in the transition towards a green economy.

The Sustainability Whitebook is comprised of a position paper on the topic of the Sustainable Workforce written by Dr Bob Aubrey, Founder of the ASEAN Human Development Organisation (AHDO) and Chair of EuroCham’s Human Development Committee. Additionally, the Whitebook contains two eBooks from EuroCham hosted webinars on the topic of the Sustainable Workforce with speakers from the industry, the institutions, and the government.

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