SwissCham Singapore Announces New Chair at the 34th AGM

24th May, 2023:

After serving four successful years as the Chairman of the Swiss Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Georg von Wattenwyl stepped down to hand over the Chair to his successor Julie Raneda. Julie Raneda, Partner and Managing Director of Schellenberg Wittmer’s Singapore office, is a lawyer by training and has a degree in international relations. Julie has been deeply connected with the Chamber for a long time, and recently also as the Co-Chair of SwissCham International Relations Subcommittee.

Julie addressed the AGM and thanked the Board “for entrusting (her) with the important role to lead the Chamber and represent the Swiss business community in Singapore.” Emphasizing the longstanding Swiss-Singaporean relations, she added, “Switzerland has an excellent reputation in Singapore thanks in particular to the Swiss business community in Singapore that has been around for a long time and represents Switzerland's values, qualities, and innovation so well.”

She further shared her outlook stating that “SwissCham is the tip of the iceberg of this community, a platform to showcase Switzerland's excellence.” She assured to continue “the commitment to grow wider awareness about Swiss companies and their perspective in Singapore; and make SwissCham even more relevant for its members with fruitful collaborations and appropriate networking opportunities.”

Looking back at his tenure, Georg von Wattenwyl reflected on his great time with SwissCham Singapore and mentioned that “the Chamber has grown stronger and evolved as a professional organization; opening even more doors to grow further.” He underlined the initiatives for further growth on the Chamber’s strategic goals – knowledge transfer, international collaboration, and network building.

He shared that “Singapore and Switzerland are two strong economies and Swiss companies’ strong presence in Singapore not only provides vast employment opportunities here but also brings Swiss innovation to the areas of technology and production.”

SwissCham welcomed the new Chair Julie Raneda to lead the Chamber to achieve its goals for the Swiss community; and thanked the departing Chairman Georg von Wattenwyl for his unwavering commitment to the Chamber. Together with the new Chair Julie Raneda, SwissCham board will be comprised of the 9 re-elected members namely Birgitta von Dresky, Chris Neff, Dimitri Getsios, Fabienne Enderlin, Jean-Marie Lagier, Michel Huguenin, Lisa Schroeder, Sabrina Winter, Dr. Silvio Struebi.

Swiss Ambassador Frank Gruetter was present as the Guest of Honor. He addressed the AGM with the Swiss Embassy’s activities in recent and upcoming months.

The AGM took place at EHL Campus and everyone present was in high spirits to receive positive updates of the growth of the Chamber.